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Introducing Central Mass Revolution

Starhawks Youth Hockey and Shrewsbury Youth Hockey are pleased to introduce the Central Mass Revolution!

From old foundations, come new beginnings… and we are more convinced than ever that it is the right thing to do to preserve youth hockey in our area.  We will continue to put the players and their development first.  We will continue to provide a positive town-based youth hockey experience for our families. We will continue to do what’s right and not compromise our principles, while running a non-profit, volunteer-based program.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we go through the merger process. There are many added layers which are requiring additional time to complete tasks.  First, our new logo is above. Thank you to everyone who voted during uniform fittings. We took everyone’s feedback and created something strong and classic that we hope everyone will like. The new uniforms are in the works and should be ready soon. The uniforms are modeled after the Vegas Golden Knights and look awesome as there are unique and this uniform style has great popularity based on the Knights success last year, but we are first in our area to claim it. As a tribute to our programs, we have included the Shrewsbury and Starhawks logos on the shoulders and we should encourage players to use old uniforms as practice jerseys or scrimmage jerseys so the past is kept alive.


Fall Conditioning schedules have been posted to the Starhawks website. Please check these often as it gets closer.  Any changes will be posted there. For those unfamiliar with conditioning weeks, we run practices for several weeks at end of august to get kids on ice, but also to finalize player placement. We have left room for players to move up, but no players will be moved down. Also, the 3-on-3 sessions are meant to be a fun opportunity for the kids to get back on the ice. No evaluations will be taking place during these sessions. We are putting the finishing touches on the regular season practice schedule which should be published soon. We understand that families are anxious to receive these schedules. We are working to place 31 teams plus house leagues from both programs, with dedicated practice times that they can count on. There are many considerations that go into planning which teams will practice together, what times are appropriate for what age groups, etc. It is an arduous task that we want to get right. Once player placement is final, head coaches will be placed. A list of current coaches per team will also be distributed shortly. For anyone who is interested and not listed please contact Justin Bush at   to get a coaching application and indicate your interest.

We are currently working on the new website. For this year we will use the new website for schedules, communication and rosters. The existing sites will be used for tuition, payments etc. Since we do not have all players loaded in one site yet, you may notice the rosters seem light but that is only because you are seeing the players from one organization on a team vs all. We will send additional information on the new site as it becomes available.

Please remember to register for your new 2018-19 USA Hockey number at Starhawks players/coaches should forward your confirmation email to Brian Walsh,  . Shreswbury players/coaches should enter your confirmation number on the Shrewsbury website. All players and coaches will need a new USA Hockey number to get on ice in September.

We greatly anticipate our inaugural season together. While change can be hard, we are better and stronger together.  

Special thanks to Christa Duprey (Shrewsbury) and Erin Perry (Starhawks) who have, and are, leading the efforts to bring us together.


Anthony Chiaradonna, John Lloyd, Harry Gaston, Craig Jennings and the boards from both organizations.

by posted 08/14/2018
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